Friday, March 5, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Leggings are NOT Pants!

There seems to be an epidemic sweeping across America that is infecting women of all shapes, ages, and sizes. The infected will appear delirious and confused but the most obvious way to detect them is they will be wearing leggings as pants.

Okay, Okay, maybe it is not an infectious disease just some misguided soccer moms, college kids, and teeny boppers. However, this insanity can not continue. Maybe this tip will help: leggings should be considered as a substitute for tights NOT pants. Leggings are perfectly fine under a skirt, dress, or tunic; any time you could also wear tights without offending someone. Leggings are also fine if you are doing yoga or exercising. Leggings are fine if you are hanging around the house. However you do not wear leggings (or tights) in place of a pair of jeans. I don't care if you are 24 or 42, if you weigh 124 lbs or 421 lbs, no one, I repeat, no one should wear leggings as pants.

Now of course I teach at a middle school and therefore I see this fashion faux pas everyday, and I don't blame my 13 year-old students for their misjudgements. No, I blame the celebrities for going out in this state and then I blame the parents for allowing it!

So, lets ban together to stop the madness. NO more leggings as pants. If you see one of the infected approach cautiously and address your concern for their lack of judgement and then hand them a skirt!

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