Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn Hauling Part II


This was a surprise haul (the best kind really). During the day I had to attend a workshop about an hour and half away from where I live. However, on the way home my friend and I decided to stop at a mall that I have never been to. Let me just say, this is the BEST mall ever. This mall had LUSH, MAC, and Sephora all under one roof, what could be better? Amazing! So here is what I grabbed: Up first-

Sephora by OPI nail polish in Havanna Nights
- I have been looking for a light baby blue nail polish for a while now and when I saw this I couldn't pass it up. I read reviews that it goes on sheer and you need three coats so I will review it later.

Sephora by OPI nail polish in What's Under My Trenchcoat?-I am still on the hunt for the perfect taupe polish and this may be it, taupe with gold shimmer it looks amazing in the bottle. However it shows up a little grey on the nail, I think tha is because of the metalic flecks in it. It only took two coats for a nice opaque color and was easy to apply. We will see how long it will last.
Nars Orgasm Skin Illuminator- I received this as one of my Sephora point perks and was pretty excited. So far I have tried it twice and still a little unsure about it. It does illuminate but I am unsure if it is better than MAC MSF's- I think it makes me look a little oily really.

Copperplate- super pretty medium tone dusty grey color-super pigmented and one of my new favorite colors

Mylar- I needed a matte highlight and the MAC SA (who wasn't super helpful mind you) said this one was her favorite so I grabbed it, not really loving it yet though and it is described on maccosmetics.com as a creamy beige with shimmer, so that is not exactly a white matte like a wanted, strike to MAC SA!

Brun-The SA did a nude/natural look on my friend and used Brun in the corner and it looked great so I bought and really love it

Viva Glam Cindy lip gloss-all my glosses are either nude or for summer (hot pink and coral) so I really wanted something for fall/winter and this color hits the mark it is a coral red shimmer that is super flattering on all skin tones and 100% of its proceeds help women/children and men living with aids.

Snow Fairy lip tint- this is the best smelling lip tint ever- This smells just like Rockstar soap and Snow Fairy shower gel as well as the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush! I first bought the red lip tint- It Started with a Kiss and really liked it so I wanted to try this one too. I was a little disappointed that the color isn't as pigmented as It Started with a Kiss, but it is a pretty sheer pink color.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So today as I was rushing to my hair appointment, sick and drugged-up on cold medicine and I was thinking "Why is it so hard to find a good hair dresser?". The reason I couldn't cancel my appointment due to my utter sickness was because I did not cancel 24 hours before, therefore, my credit card would be charged anyway. UGH-That is reason enough to throw some clothes on, slap on some bronzer and get your ass to the appointment.

My search for a great hairdresser seemed to have started about three years ago, but really it feels like forever. Initially I just went somewhere cheap because I had long hair would only get it trimmed and layered. I opted for somewhere quick, cheap, and without a long wait list. You see I am the person who will wake up and realize I need a haircut NOW, no, I needed a haircut YESTERDAY! So I HATE to have to wait a week for a haircut. This was until I decided to cut 10 inches off and donate it to Locks of Love www.locksoflove.org

I originally got my haircut short wanting an angled/inverted bob- at this time Posh Spice's hair was in style as well as Rhianna. I went to the same salon that I was getting my trims at and explained that I wanted to donate my hair and wanted an angled bob.
My reasoning for cutting my hair was that I had realized for the last three months I was wearing my hair up (usually in a ponytail) everyday! Now, I was about 26 at the time and because of my rather short stature I look about 14 on a good day, add a ponytail to the mix and it is more like 12.
My first tempt at the haircut sorta ended up like a long bob, all one length but with angled layers. Then I tried a different hairstylist and all was good for a while until I asked for it "a little shorter" and ended up with it WAY shorter, my longest layer didn't even hit my chin! After taking biotin religiously to grow it out I tried the third hairstylist and all though I liked her, I was less then impressed with the salon-it was full of pre-teens just hanging out, it looked a little dirty in the corners and baseboard were caked with dirt and hair and you had to tip using cash which is always an issue for me because I never have cash on me.
I then went with my friend to her hairstylist to check out the salon and see if I like it, and I did. Finally- a salon that is cool, fun, and not overwhelming, no pre-teens and I could put the tip on my card -whoo hoo! I stayed with this stylist for two years until the last couple times I went and said "I want it a little shorter" I left with a slight trim, my friends were even asking me "are you letting your hair grow out?" NO!! To add insult to injury the last time I was there I had deal with a screaming 2year old getting his first haircut, sweet jesus-bring your kids to Fantastic Sam's will you-it really seems unnecessary to have kids getting haircuts at high-end salons, especially if they are not behaving.
Now moving on to the next stylist/salon per friend recommendation. I check-out the salon on-line and read this under "our policies" : "We Love Kids Too-We respectfully request that you make other arrangements for your children while you pamper yourself. All of clients deserve the full salon experience everytime they visit us. We ask you to help our staff maintain a relaxed, calm environment for all." Hallelujah!!! My first impression, the salon is kind of a pain to get to, and parking sucks, okay-I can live with that for a great haircut. Then the waiting room was a little chaotic but okay and I only waited about 3 minutes for the stylist to come greet me and introduce herself. Then up a flight of stairs to my stylists station (this could be problematic when I am either 9 months pregnant or on crutches but we'll cross that bridge when we get there). Hair wash and scalp massage felt amazing on my congested head. My hairstylist was nice, friendly, and listened to what I wanted. Loved my haircut and then went to pay and was a little surprised that the haircut was $10 more than the price listed on the website. Okay- plus a $10 tip, the haircut was a total of $55. Not to bad, only about $5 more than I was paying before, but oh wait you can't put tips on your card-Ahhh!!!! Well at least I left with a haircut that I like, and didn't end up with a parking ticket (my parking spot was questionable at best). I made another appoint for December 28th but not sure what I'm going to do-ugh-and the search continues!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Favorites

Brahmin-Caroline Zip-Top Satchel $325 -For those of you who aren't familiar with the Brahmin brand they are a really great higher-end leather works brand that is based in Fairhaven, MA (only about 20min from me). They still have their outlet store there were you can score one-of-a-kind and sample bags (I have two of these bags and adore the fact that they are one-of-a-kind) and great sales, sometimes up to 50%off. About twice a year they hold a tent sale where you can get handbags and accessories for up to 50% off the retail price. At this year's autumn tent sale I picked up the Caroline Zip-Top Satchel in taupe/tan with crocodile (which Brahmin is known for) accents for 60% off retail price. I love this bag because it is so classic (can't you picture Audrey Hepburn carrying this) and you can wear it as a satchel or shoulder bag. Brahmin is sold at Nordstroms and Dillards and can also be found at www.brahmin.com

Animal Prints- are a MUST have this fall. Although I usually opt for classic looks I couldn't pass up this scarf that I bought at H&M for $9.95. I wore it out to breakfast and shopping yesterday and literally received a dozen compliments on it. It looks so expensive and paired with a black tee, skinny jeans and pointy toed flats it is a great way to wear animal print and be trendy while also remaining classy.

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Foundation- I use to use this ALL the time when it first came out. However, when I feel in love with MAC I abandoned it but have recently fell back in love. This foundation is a sheer to light coverage that looks like skin, it is amazing to even out your skin tone and lasts throughout the day. I use the color 100 in Light and it is a perfect match for NW20 coloring. I use my hands to spreed it on and then use my MAC 187 to kind of blend and even it out. I also set it with my MAC MSF natural.

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation in Creamy Natural- After I finished up using my old/left over Almay foundation I went to repurchase it and realized it was $13.99, that is A LOT of money for a drugstore makeup, so I was looking around and came across this maybelline foundation that I heard a lot about on youtube and it was on sale for $7 so I figured, "why not?". I do like it, but is a heavier coverage, more medium-to full. I applied it with my 187 brush and it still looks a little cakey and less "air brushed" like the ad says, you need a very light hand when applying this but I do like the texture and finish it leaves once it is appliet correctly.

L'oreal EverStrong Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner $6.99. I have been using sulfate-free shampoos on and off for a year now and so my favorite is the l'oreal everstrong brand, it doesn't weigh my hair down or feel flat. Instead my hair feels smooth, healthy and looks incredibly shiny.

Autumn Hauling


So, today was a great Autumn day, sunny, breezy and there were sales everywhere. It ended up being a pretty amazing day, and I wanted to share some amazing products and finds with you.

First up. Ulta-

Ulta was having a 40%off of Maybelline, Revlon, Physicians Formula and NYX sale as well as a Buy One Get One 50% off Essie, OPI, and China Glaze (but you couldn't mix and match brands-so annoying) plus a coupon for $3.50 off a $10 purchase (*prices reflect SALE price)

NYX- Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils in Dark Brown and French Fries $2.51 each. Dark Brown is pretty self-explanatory but French Fries is a coppery bronze shade. I have Milk and Black Bean already and they are great for bases. They are smooth and blend amazingly, but do crease, so be ware.

Revlon- Luxurious Color Eyeliner in Antiqued Gold (504) $5.99-Description from package- define eyes with rich, luxurious color that lasts all day. Silky-smooth formula and built-in smudger create versatile looks from precise to smoky. This is one of the only eyeliners I have EVER repurchased. This gold works AMAZING on the lash line for a wide eyes bronzed effect. I have tried many different gold eyeliners including Sephora brand and Rimmel and none of them work well on the lash line. I used up my last pencil (which lasted a LONG time) and finally broke down and bought it again after trying (and failing) with other brands.

Maybelline- The Falsies Volum' Express Washable Mascara in Brownish Black (282) $4.19-Description from packaging: Unique and flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes. Patented Spoon brush and Kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping to complete the false lash look. To use: For best results hold brush with spoon side against lashes and sweep from root to tip. Repeat until desired look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats. I have never tried this mascara before but it was 40% off so I figured why not? I already have pretty long lashes, so volume mascaras work the best for me so I am hoping this will be a great product. Unfortunately I had to get Brownish Black which I normally wouldn't choose but I figured it may be good for work. I will update with a review.

Physicians Formula- Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker in Warm Black (2431) $3.59-Description from packaging: Finally, perfect lining made easy! Amazing formula provides the defined look of a liquid liner without the mess; won't tug the delicate skin surrounding the eye. Unique felt-tip marker glides on for mistake-proof lining in one easy, clean stroke. Creates a fine or bold line for natural or dramatic definition! Your eyes won't believe your eyes! Innovative formula offers super long-lasting wear-up to 24 hours-for high impact drama all day or night. Features the most intense, bold shades that dry instantly for maximum definition. Won't smear, smudge or fade! Ultra-gentle formula is easily removed with your everyday, gentle eye makeup remover. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Directions: Apply eye marker at the base of lashes in a fine or bold line. Never apply eye marker inside the lash line. Keep cap tightly coled to avoid pen formula from drying out. Maintain tip in downward positing when storing and do not shake pen. Again, I have never tried this but bought it based on a lot of recommendations from Beauty Guru's on youtube.com and blogspot.com. Review to follow.

Essie-nail polish is Sew Psyched $8- this is described as "cashmere-soft sage pewter color". I have tried a few essie colors and have either returned them or given them away because they are thin, streaky, and hard to use. However, this unique color gave me reason to try essie again, I have read reviews that said this is one of the "good essies" so I am looking forward to trying it and using it as one of my fall staples. I didn't benefit from the Buy One Get One 1/2 Off sale because you were allowed to mix and match brands and there wasn't another Essie colored that I really wanted (well there were 3 -mink muffs, merino cool, little brown dress or even velvet voyeur-but none of there were available) and I didn't want to risk buying a "bad essie" so I passed.

Maybelline-Dream Liquid Mousse in Creamy Natural Light 5 $4.79-Described online on their website as: a air-whipped formula providing great coverage. Smooth, 100% poreless finish with natural luminosity. Air-brushed natural perfection. Blends effortlessly for a flawless, air-brushed finish. Oil-free, fragrance-free, Dermotologist tested, Allergy tested, won't clog pores. Safe for sensitive skins and good for all skin types.

I already own the Dream Cream Mousse in the same color and really like for an easy full-coverage look. I have heard even better reviews for the Liquid Mouse so I decided to take advantage of the 40% off and try it.

The Body Shop-Body Butters in Almond and Coconut 2 for $23.98Description: a rich intensive cream with luxurious oils that moisturize up to 24hrs and made with Community Trade pure organic cold-pressed virgin-oil. I haven't used any of the body butters in a LONG time.. like years so I was excited to get some when my other lotions ran out and I needed a more intense moisturizer for winter. Lucky me-I hit the jackpot again, The Body Shop was having a "Scent Even" were you purchase a paper bag for $3 and then you get 50% off of any scented products and $1 from every bag supports Stop Sex Trafficking campaign partners so how can you go wrong. So I decided to buy because they were basically buy one get one and that was GREAT! I already used the Almond body butter after I took a shower from my long shopping day and the smell and texture are fantastic, it has been on for two hours and my skin still feels soft and moist where usually after 20min I can't tell I put lotion on. These are a must-have for the dry winter months and they have a very large selections of scents so everyone can find one they love!

Forever 21- Faux Fur Collar/Scarf-$10.88- Description from website: Luxurious faux fur collar featuring adjustable magnetic closure. One size fits all. Shell-62%acrylic and 30% polyester, Lining-100% polyester. Hand wash-line dry. For under $11 I had to buy this, fur is one of the top trends for fall and winter. I can't remember if it was the Sept or Oct InSyle that talked about fur collars but once I had seen them I loved it, what a great way to add an inexpensive piece to your already existing wardrobe.

Aldo Accessories-Silver Chain Earrings and Shoe Clips both for $11.99- Another fabulous sale- Buy One Get One for $11.99. The Shoe Clips are so cute and versatile they have black enamel with gold trim and rhinestone middles that will look great on flats. The silver earrings are super cute long sliver multi-chains that are kind of heavy to wear and a little long so I may need to shorten them and see how that works.

Target- PJ Shorts- I seriously found these on a very small clearance rack for 75 cents each!! I am not kidding. I think they were probably part of a PJ set that was some how separated so Target was selling them really cheap-another great score.

Well hopefully this haul will hold me over shopping wise until Christmas. I did go to MAC to check out the Venomous Villains Collection and of course anything worth seeing was sold out! I didn't love anything from the collection so I never put anything on hold and am saving for the new collection coming out this winter. Reviews on some of these Autumn Haul product coming soon!