Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So today as I was rushing to my hair appointment, sick and drugged-up on cold medicine and I was thinking "Why is it so hard to find a good hair dresser?". The reason I couldn't cancel my appointment due to my utter sickness was because I did not cancel 24 hours before, therefore, my credit card would be charged anyway. UGH-That is reason enough to throw some clothes on, slap on some bronzer and get your ass to the appointment.

My search for a great hairdresser seemed to have started about three years ago, but really it feels like forever. Initially I just went somewhere cheap because I had long hair would only get it trimmed and layered. I opted for somewhere quick, cheap, and without a long wait list. You see I am the person who will wake up and realize I need a haircut NOW, no, I needed a haircut YESTERDAY! So I HATE to have to wait a week for a haircut. This was until I decided to cut 10 inches off and donate it to Locks of Love

I originally got my haircut short wanting an angled/inverted bob- at this time Posh Spice's hair was in style as well as Rhianna. I went to the same salon that I was getting my trims at and explained that I wanted to donate my hair and wanted an angled bob.
My reasoning for cutting my hair was that I had realized for the last three months I was wearing my hair up (usually in a ponytail) everyday! Now, I was about 26 at the time and because of my rather short stature I look about 14 on a good day, add a ponytail to the mix and it is more like 12.
My first tempt at the haircut sorta ended up like a long bob, all one length but with angled layers. Then I tried a different hairstylist and all was good for a while until I asked for it "a little shorter" and ended up with it WAY shorter, my longest layer didn't even hit my chin! After taking biotin religiously to grow it out I tried the third hairstylist and all though I liked her, I was less then impressed with the salon-it was full of pre-teens just hanging out, it looked a little dirty in the corners and baseboard were caked with dirt and hair and you had to tip using cash which is always an issue for me because I never have cash on me.
I then went with my friend to her hairstylist to check out the salon and see if I like it, and I did. Finally- a salon that is cool, fun, and not overwhelming, no pre-teens and I could put the tip on my card -whoo hoo! I stayed with this stylist for two years until the last couple times I went and said "I want it a little shorter" I left with a slight trim, my friends were even asking me "are you letting your hair grow out?" NO!! To add insult to injury the last time I was there I had deal with a screaming 2year old getting his first haircut, sweet jesus-bring your kids to Fantastic Sam's will you-it really seems unnecessary to have kids getting haircuts at high-end salons, especially if they are not behaving.
Now moving on to the next stylist/salon per friend recommendation. I check-out the salon on-line and read this under "our policies" : "We Love Kids Too-We respectfully request that you make other arrangements for your children while you pamper yourself. All of clients deserve the full salon experience everytime they visit us. We ask you to help our staff maintain a relaxed, calm environment for all." Hallelujah!!! My first impression, the salon is kind of a pain to get to, and parking sucks, okay-I can live with that for a great haircut. Then the waiting room was a little chaotic but okay and I only waited about 3 minutes for the stylist to come greet me and introduce herself. Then up a flight of stairs to my stylists station (this could be problematic when I am either 9 months pregnant or on crutches but we'll cross that bridge when we get there). Hair wash and scalp massage felt amazing on my congested head. My hairstylist was nice, friendly, and listened to what I wanted. Loved my haircut and then went to pay and was a little surprised that the haircut was $10 more than the price listed on the website. Okay- plus a $10 tip, the haircut was a total of $55. Not to bad, only about $5 more than I was paying before, but oh wait you can't put tips on your card-Ahhh!!!! Well at least I left with a haircut that I like, and didn't end up with a parking ticket (my parking spot was questionable at best). I made another appoint for December 28th but not sure what I'm going to do-ugh-and the search continues!

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