Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I Can't Live Without!

Okay, so we all know we can't live without the essentials: food, water, shelter and love. Therefore, those essentials all go without saying. Of course I can't live without my husband, friends, and family. This blog is the other items that I love using everyday and can't imagine my life without!
1. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (medium- $2.34): I have been drinking a medium iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts for nearly 15 years! That would be approximately $11,000 in iced coffee (imagine my shock when I did this calculation). However, I did have a brief stint of drinking a tank from Bess Eaton daily instead but then went back to Dunkin Donuts. I started drinking coffee out of sheer boredom at about 14 years-old. My friend and I would walk to Dunkin Donuts after school to simply have something to do and a place to hang out. It didn't take long before I was a full-blown coffee addict. Since then I have had an iced coffee everyday, yes even in the winter! My iced coffee just doesn't feed my addiction but it is now a safety blanket and part of my daily routine that would be even harder to break than the addiction itself.

2. Thermos Hydration Bottle
Thermos-Fashion Hydration Bottle (18oz $20.99): This is not your average water bottle, this is a vacuum insulated bottle. This bottle may be pricey compared to other water bottles; however, this bottle keeps you water cold for up to 12 hours and does not sweat because of the vacuum seal. This bottle is also made of unbreakable stainless steal inside and out. There are 3 main reasons I love and recommend this bottle: 1. It is cute and stylish 2. It is the only bottle I have ever used that keeps my water cold for 12 hours and I hate drinking warm water so this helps me drink the amount of water I should everyday (you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces for example if your weight is 150lbs = 75oz a day) and stay hydrated. 2. It doesn't sweat or leave rings when you put it down. For all of these reason I actually have three of these bottles (in different styles of course).

3. Netflix

Netflix ($9-$14 a month): How did we ever live without netflix? My husband and I love movies and with netflix we pay $9 to rent one movie at a time which arrives in the mailbox and we can stream an unlimited number of movies and television shows right to our living room. My husband and I streamed the first seven seasons of 24 and are now watching Lost. I really love being able to stream movies and shows whenever I want. Thank god the days of driving to Blockbuster and spending 45min looking through the aisles or calling to movies on hold, are thankfully over.

4. Sidekick LX

Sidekick LX (T-mobile $175 when purchased): I had the older version of the sidekick and loved it, so when the new 3G model came out I decided to upgrade. I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I love the color and the overall look of the swivel LCD screen. I love that I only pay $20 for unlimited text and internet! I love the full keyboard and the fact that I can go online, check my email, IM, use Bing and other software on my sidekick. I hate that I can't download any apps that sony doesn't offer. I hate the camera- crap quality. I hate that the internet is pretty slow, even for 3G. I hate how I have had a lot of randomness happen like my sim card dying, or pictures being erased for no reason. However, with that said this is my lifeline. I check the weather, facebook, product reviews, etc on my phone all the time.

5. Lip balm

Lip balm (Rosebud Salve $6 for .8oz): If I had to choose one beauty item, it would have to be lip balm. Right now my go to lip balm is Smith's Rosebud Salve. I have had this tin for a few years and kind of forgot about it until I saw an interview with Rachel Bilson in August's InSyle magazine. Bilson said this was her desert island must have. This made me take it out, try it and fall in love with it again. This lip balm is describes as a multi-purpose lip balm that calms, heals, and soothes. It can also be used on cuticles, rashes, burns, etc. I also love Korres lip butters ($10 for .21oz)) and Lush's lip balm ($6.95 for .3oz).

6. Barnes and Nobel-Nook Barnes and Nobel Nook (wifi $150)- It took me a long time to jump ship to an ebook but I am glad I did. It really is great to be able to carry 1,500 books in this little unit and shop right from the internet. I really love the color, LCD-touch screen and the look of the nook. It is cute, stylish, and convenient. Also you can download pictures and music.

7. Dell Inspiron Laptop 1545

Dell Inspiron Laptop ($499): This is the first laptop I have ever owned and will never go back to a desktop again! I love the convenience of my laptop, as well as the color and style. My husband bought this for me when I went back to school for my Master's. I hated being stuck inside or in the corner of the room on my desktop. The laptop allows me to be anywhere in the house or outside on my deck. I can also bring my laptop to work and class which has been really helpful and made taking classes less painful. My laptop and my phone are two items that I use every single day!

8. Poodles

" My little dog...a heartbeat at my feet" Edith Wharton

Poodles (priceless)- I can't imagine my life without dogs. All my life I grew up with dogs and when we didn't have one I would beg for one until we did. I never thought I would have poodles but I feel in love with one and now am hooked. My two girls Sophie (black) and Bella (red) are my joys. They don't shed, they are fun, loving, loyal, funny, and keep my company and also encourage me to exercise. I don't trust people who don't like dogs.

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