Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Favorites

MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder (Limited Edition)- a super-fine lightly pearlized shimmer with a whimsical seahorse motif embossed into the powder. This highlight powder was promoted with MAC's Back to the Beach Collection for $26. This product was the most hyped in this collection and on everyone's "must-have" list because of the unusual design and green packaging. Luckily I had the MAC SA put one aside for me and therefore, was one of the few who actually got it. Although the packaging is so beautiful you almost don't want to use it, underneath the gold over-spray is a beautiful shade of light and dark coral. Once you swirl these colors together you have a really beautiful coral blush for summer. I have been using this shade almost everyday and really love it for summer! If I feel I need a little more highlight I use my melon pigment and it looks great together!

TARTE Park Avenue Princess Matte/Waterproof Bronzer- After my Arbone bronzer fell and broke into a million pieces I needed a replacement stat. After considering repurchasing NARS Luguna Beach I had an SA at Sephora recommend TARTE. I was hesitant in purchasing from Nars again because their products contain Talc and parbens and I think I have a sensitivity to it. TART is made without parbens and is synthetic free it allows your skin to breathe while giving you a very natural glow. I would only use this if you have fair skin, if you are medium to dark skin tone I don't think this color bronzer will show up much on your skin. I purchased this at Sephora for $29.

mark- Powder Buff Natural Skin Foundation- an oil-free pressed powder that allows a buildable coverage from sheer to full. For the summer I wanted to leave my liquid foundation and experiment with a powder. After reading multiple reviews on and I decided to purchase this Mark Powder Foundation from my friend Jen who is a Avon rep for only $10. The hardest part about choosing this powder was deciding on the color. The color I ended up with was Buff, although it looks rather yellow in the pan it actually blends very nicely. This powder gives a light to medium coverage and really even outs your skin tone nicely. This powder lasts all day and doesn't oxidize or turn orange.

I-Skin Pore Perfecting System-reduces the appearance of visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces oil areas, dry skin patches and blemishes. Leaves skin looking and feeling smoother and clearer. After being less than impressed with my Clarasonic Mia I decided to return it and try this for a fraction of the price (I-Skin $29 vs. Mia $149). I first heard of the I-Skin from a youtube beauty vlogger. In the video she compared the I-Skin to the Clairasonic and said she actually like the i-Skin better! After I saw the video and read a number of reviews at I ran straight to my local Sally Hansen Beauty Supply store and picked it up. I got to say I felt the difference after using the i-skin immeditatley. My skin actually felt softer and smoother which never happend while using the Mia. This unit is battery operated and well worth the money. If you don't want to invest in a Clarasonic try the iskin first!

MAC Perfect Topping Mineral Skin Finish- I often hear of limited edition beauty product from the past that I have missed out on. Many of these are MAC's MSF's. Perfect Topping was one of those products that I just kept hearing about and really wanted. It was originally promoted in the Sugarsweet collection in March of 2009 but I was lucky enough to find it at my local CCO (cosmetic company outlet) in June for $19.50. After looking at about 7 of them I choose one with a lot of beige and less pink since I already own an MSF in light flush which has a pink shade to it. I really love this as a highlight, it goes with anything and really is flattering!

Revlon Nail Polish in Tropical Temptaion- after seeing this color a few times at my local CVS I decided to give it a try since it looked like the perfect coral shad for summer. I am so glad I gave it a try, after only two coats I had a beautiful opaque coral color that was both bright, flattering, and great for summer.

Revlon's Summer 2010 Daydreamer Collection: This is the first limited edition collection from Revlon and I bought three out of the five Super Lustrous lipglosses: Coral Reef (a bright but wearable coral), Pink Pop (a cool bright pink), and Peach Petal (a sheer, pale, pastel pink). The two I did not purchase are Firecracker (an orange red) and Lilac Pastelle (a very light lilac shade). These lipglosses give a very opaque color with a non-sticky finish and for about $6.49 a piece they are a great alternative to MAC's Creamsheen's. I also bought the nailpolish in the pale green in Minted for $4.99. Minted needed three coats to get an opaque color and the texture was not as nice when compared to Tropical Temptation.

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