Monday, July 19, 2010

Coconut Water


As I am always on the cutting edge of style my new favorite drink is also the favorite of many celebrities and non-celebrities alike- coconut water. I have always enjoyed being stylish when it comes to beauty, clothes, accessories and now even what I consume. So far my favorite flavor is Vita Coco's Peach and Mango. I like this for two reasons: The first is the flavor, it is much better than plain coconut water which tastes suspiciously like Pedialyte to me. The other reason? I can't help but love a witty drink. On the box (17oz) it reads:

The Original Power Couple- Introducing Peach and Mango. Hoping to join the ranks of celeb couples such as Brangelina, Tomkat and Cashica, Peach and Mango are considering being called Peacho, Pango, or Meaches.
Sure paparazzi have yet to pick up on the story, but it's just a matter of time. So until then we'll just stick to Peach and Mango. Stay hydrated and enjoy.

So if you are not turned on just by the taste and wit alone, here are some other reasons to give it a whirl:

Reasons To Try (stated on the box):
- more electrolytes than leading sports drinks with 15times the potassium
-has more potassium than two bananas (don't tell the monkeys)- potassium keeps your body properly hydrated and prevents cramping
-100% natural
-hydrate and feel peach keen!
Other reasons to drink from
-it naturally fat and cholesterol free
-helps keep your body cool and at its proper temperature
-helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells and boosts poor circulation
-regulates the function of the intestine, helps promote smoother skin
-helps replenish your body's fluids after exercising
-helps detoxify your body and boost your immune system
-helps ease stomach pain

More Health Benefits from
-coconut water relieves urinary problems
-coconut water kills intestinal worms
-coconut water breaks up kidney stones
-coconut water is used in blood transfusion
-coconut water is an antibacterial
-coconut water controls vomiting
-coconut water raises the level of metabolism in the body

And really, if it's good enough for Audrina, it's good enough for me! I just have one question: Who is Cashica?

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