Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art that has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years to improve the layout and flow of energy through their homes.

When I first bought my home I decided to do some research on feng shui with the mind frame "it can only help". Here are some easy tips that helped me and that I used in my home to integrate feng shui into my life. There are plenty of books so you can do your own research and will explain the thought process for some of these tips.


*No mirrors facing stove ( you don't want the heat reflected or doubled)

*Use wood elements including plants to balance all of the water and metal elements in the kitchen

*Do not hang things, this include a pot rack, knives- nothing should be over head or hanging

Dining room

* Make sure you dining room table is not above your washing mashing (if your washing machine is in the basement)

* There should be an even number of seats/chairs/settings

* Decorate with food and garden pictures/artwork


* Place crystal or wind chimes at the door

* Have your desk face the room not a wall or window

* Buy two new fish (one black one for good luck and 1 colorful one)

* Place plants throughout

Living room

* Choose positive, peaceful themes in paintings with good symbolism

* Ideally one should choose pictures of mountains to go behind the sofa and pictures of water/ocean to place in front

* Do not place sofa under a window or mirror

* Place TV in NW corner


* Place bed so you can see the door but not be directly opposite it

* Do not position your bed between two windows or two doors

* Do not face your bed so your feet face the door

* Each side of the bed should be identical (same side table, lamp etc)

* Use sheer curtains so light is allowed in


* Always keep toilet lid closed, toilet should not be seen from the door

* Add earth elements to off set the water elements

* Keep door closed or partially open


* Blue, turquoise or violet paint color

* No mobiles, the chi should be able to move freely over and under the crib, place windchimes near the window instead

* Keep a bowl of sea salt on top of dresser to obsorbe an negative energy

* Never put a crib under or near a window, crib should be placed diagonal from door

* Use a wood or wicker rocking chair

* Add orange oil in diaper pail to offset negative smells

* There should be no more than four electronics in the nursery


* Paint your front door red for good luck

* First impressions of your home should be warm and welcoming (weed your garden, plant flowers, take out the garbage)

* Make sure your walk way is lit

* House address should be visible during the day and at night

* Declutter, clean and organize

* You should always feel positive and comfortable in your space, if something doesn't feel right it probably isn't.

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