Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Got My March Wish List Item!!

Zebra Straw Charm Tote
It is not often that I will actually have the opportunity to purchase something on my wish list. However, in June -I was able to find and purchase my March wish list item, the Coach Zebra Straw Charm Tote!
I went shopping at a local outlet center after work one day and I decided to check the COACH outlet store to see if there was anything new or different before I left. As I walked over to the back of the store where they usually carry the boutique deletes I saw it ! The only one, all alone on the shelf calling to me. I quickly snatched it up and immediately checked the price tag.
The original price was $359 and then that was marked down to $349 with an additional 50% off! Now as if that wouldn't be exciting enough I had a 20% off coupon to use as well, this made this purchase a no brainer. I went to the counter and purchased my wish list item for $139 (before tax)! I am so glad I decided to check the store and scored my summer bag for 70% off the original price! It was meant to be!
This Coach bag in now number four in my collection and a great addition to my black large Sabrina, my khaki and saddle Brooke, and my rose gold Parker. I love COACH bags because they look great, wear well, and have a great warranty! If you are lucky enough to have a Coach Outlet near you than check it out, you can find some great deals on bags, sunglasses, shoes, and small accessories.

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