Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a LUSH addict….

Okay, Okay- I have to admit I only just heard of Lush products about three months ago and even then it was by accident. While youtubing my favorite makeup gurus on youtube I often came across posts titled “Mac and Lush Haul” so I would watch the vlog- to see the MAC products and then keep watching about Lush. At first I didn’t get it, $9.99 for a bar of soap? $25 for lotion? What is the draw? Then time and time again I saw youtube vlogger after youtube vlogger talking about storing their Lush products, buying seasonal Lush products, cutting up their Lush products, reviewing their Lush products and I became curiouser and curiouser (thank you Johnny Depp for making my favorite quotes relevant).

The first time I went into a store I was OVERWHELMED!! Walked in, looked around at all the pretty colored soaps stacked up, saw some girl dissolving a sparkly ball in a bowl of water, sneezed, and walked out. OOKKAAYY… that was weird! Trying to forget about it I was again faced (time and time again) with many of my favorite makeup gurus raving about these products. So I decided to do some investigating online and navigated through thousands of reviews ( raving about everything from their bath bombs to lip scrubs.

Okay, so chalking up the first uncomfortable experience to chance, a few weeks later I venture in again with my friend from work (a partner in crime always makes uncomfortable situations easier). After about an hour in the store (and about 1300 demonstrations later) we walk out with a face mask (Cupcake fresh face mask) and some salt scrub (Ocean Salt). The downsides to the products and the store as I see it are the expense and the overwhelming scent in the store. For a 4.2 oz tub of scrub be prepared to shell out $18.55 or $32.95 for the 8.8 oz-pretty pricey but it seems that the small tub will last about three months if used 3x a week. Being impressed with my face scrub (and my friend loved her mask!) I decide to try a few more products!

During my second trip to Lush I decide to get the Tree Tea Water Toner ($17.45 for 8.4oz-still a little pricey but not insane) but there were out (sigh) okay so I opt for Dream Cream moisturizer ($ 22.55 for 8.4oz) since one of my favorite makeup guru’s raved about how it transformed her skin. I also purchase a small block of Figs and Leaves soap ($7.60 for 3.5oz) and the Love Lettuce fresh face mask ($5.95 for 2.65oz).

After about two days of using my soap and lotion I broke out in a red itchy rash all over my chest, on the third day it is all over my body. I take the day out of work, call my doctor and make an appointment bringing in my lotion and soap. The culprit? The $25 lotion I just bought contains Benzoin which I am HIGHLY allergic too. Never have I found this in any beauty/cosmetic product before. So after eight (agonizing) days on Prednisone I head back to LUSH to return the lotion and get the Tree Tea Water Toner (hallelujah it is there!), Enchanted Eye Cream ($22.35 for 1.5oz) , I Should CoCo bar soap ($7.95 for 3.5oz), Bohemian bar soap ($7.50 for 3.5oz) and a sample of Vanilla Dlite body lotion .

Loving the eye cream and soap I return once again with my friend Nicky. After hearing me rave about many of the products she is now curiouser and curiouser. Let me just say going into Lush on a weekday and a weekend are two totally different experience, try to go on the weekday it is so much easier to speak to someone there and look at all the different products at your leisure. After yet another hour (and 1400 different demonstrations) later I leave with two massage bars , the Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar ($8.75) and the Mange Too massage bar ($9.75) if you buy two massage bars you get the massage bar tin for free (a $2.95 value). The Wiccy bar is great for tired, sore muscles but I gotta say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mange Too bar even more it smells sooo good that I find myself applying it three times a day (I am going to have the softest skin ever)!! I also purchased Grease Lightening ($9.95) an acne spot cleanser which I also love- it does not burn or feel tight on skin and seems to really make a big difference overnight. I wanted to buy the Baby Face cleanser ($9.45 for 1.2 oz) but once again they were out of that product (strike 2 Lush).

The girl at Lush was also really generous with samples (I also see a difference in this when going on the weekday vs. the weekend too) I received a few samples including BIG shampoo, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, and Charity Pot moisturizer. I must say even though we are on strike two I am in love with Lush (actually strike three if you count the rash)- I love the natural unique products and the variety of scents.

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