Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slim over Style

Recently I have been doing the unthinkable. I have been foregoing fashion for the sake of staying thin (and getting thinner). That's right, instead of wearing my favorite boots, heels, or flats I have been wearing my Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers EVERYWHERE!!

Today I even wore them to work with a pair of black and gray pinstriped pants. As I see it, I do a lot of walking in a day and if I can use my hamstrings 11% more, my calves 11% more and my butt muscles 28% more ,then I am all for it!! This means from 7:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M I am working my muscles and my feeling comfortable while still remaining to look professional(ly).

However, I have been known to break certain fashion rules on my journey to thinness, for example I have taken off boots and worn them with my dress and leggings-not so cute. However, I was going to run errands and felt even looking like a crazy sneaker lady there had to be somebody with a 10 foot radius that looked crazier. Thankfully there were plenty of women wearing leggings as pants and flip flops in February to make me feel comfortable with my decision.

P.S. Dear Reebok,
There seems to be a little too much butt cleavage in your ad, it makes me uncomfortable. Also, have you considered EasyTones for men? My husband could certainly afford to use is butt muscles more.

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