Saturday, March 27, 2010

You're a Teacher!!??!!

Scene: The Vintage Barn on a Friday afternoon buying a 6-pack of 100 calorie lime beer before I head to my friends house for some relaxation after a long week. This scene is the conversation that occurred between me and the cashier.

Cashier: Do you have ID?

Me: Sure (insert sad face- come on I am going to be 29yrs old!!)

Cashier: I love your hair!

Me: Thanks!

Cashier: Are you a hairdresser?

Me: No, I am a teacher

Cashier: A TEACHER??!!

Me: Umm, yeah (confused my surprised expression on cashier's face) 8th grade, I love it! (mostly)

Cashier: Oh well, we are having wine tasting here on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Me: Okay, thanks (obviously all teachers are heavy drinkers)

Why is it that still in 2010 people envision teachers as old women wearing buns and cardigans?

Okay, I know I am 28 years-old and dress trendy/professional, but why can I not have a degree and be a teacher? I think I am a much better role model for most of my students than say Miley Cyrus or Lindsey Lohan- come on people get a grip!! I have been teaching for four years and still get a surprised reactions from people when I tell them I am a teacher. Why are we still stereotyping? Okay, I know I look young and dress young and have 5 tattoos but they are always (mostly) concealed and appropriate (no naked ladies or inappropriate sayings on my body). Can a person not be an adequate teacher because they wear knee high boots and have a love for MAC makeup- I think not! I have a love for literature and children and the way I style my hair or apply eyeshadow does not change that or negate it.

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