Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wii Fit told me I am "NORMAL"

Well, I had a pretty terrible day (students locked in a closet, broken glass, crazy parents-don't ask) and the only shining light I had was when I completed my daily "Body Test" this evening on my Wii Fit. Finally, after 198 days of use (yes, wii fit tells me EVERY TIME I use it how many long, slow days it has been) and six weeks on weight watchers-FINALLY wii fit told me I was "NORMAL" instead of "OVERWEIGHT" which is what it has said for all of the 198 days I have been using it!! I got to tell you, it was great to see and hear it, I even called my husband over as a witness to my normality. Like many of you I have struggled with my weight for about ten years. It is a constant struggle and I have genetics, laziness, and gluttony all working against me! However, with the help of weight watchers and supportive family and friends I have been consistently shedding the pounds and reaching normality. Here are some tips that seem to help me!

My tips:

1. Drink LOTS of water, you can't drink enough water! When you think you have had enough water, drink one more. I fill a Thermos Hydration Bottle about four times a day (each refill is 18 oz). I also use fresh lemon which helps detox the body. The Hydration Bottles are great because they keep your water cold for up to 12 hours, they don't sweat, and are super cute.

2. I take a One-A-Day Weight Smart Advanced vitamin every day as well as Biotin and B12.

3. I pre-plan all my meals every two weeks. This way I know I am making healthy dinners and have healthy snacks on hand at all times and my husband doesn't even realize he is eating healthy.

4. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I do this in a number of ways: using my beloved wii fit, playing JUST DANCE for wii, yoga, or wearing my Reebok Easy Tone sneakers while running away from scary parents!

5. Get plenty of rest/sleep-7.5 hours is recommended.

6. Eat breakfast! This is so tough for me, but now I always eat something within two hours of getting up to get my metabolism going.

7. Don't drink Budweiser's Select 55- it is awful and tastes like water with extra calories.

8. If anyone tells you muscle weighs more than fat you can officially bitch slap them!!

9. Write it down! Whether you are counting points or calories, keep a food journal. I never realized how many calories I really ate until I really started looking at food labels. For example: I get 20 points a day to eat, a pumpkin muffin from Dunkin Donuts is 14 points- this is crazy talk!! No wonder I am fat! I was eating almost my entire days worth of points at breakfast (insert heavy sigh)!!

10. Remember this quote from my favorite cocaine snorting super model, Kate Moss "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"!!

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